The journal list displays all of your journal entries. If you configure a Journal entries per page limit, the buttons 'Next', 'Previous', 'First', and 'Last' will be displayed as appropriate to help you when browsing the listing.

  • To display an entry, click on the name.
  • To delete an entry, click 'Trash'.
  • To create a new entry, click 'New Journal'.
  • To search for journal entries, click 'Find'.
  • To change the way your journal is displayed, click 'Organize'.
  • To jump to a specific journal date, enter the date and click on the 'Jump to' button.

Journal » Journal Entry Editor

This screen is used for editing any of your journal entries and for creating new entries. If you click 'Start Timer', the timer function will increase the value in the duration field. This is useful for time billing etc.

  • To save any changes to an entry, click 'Save'.
  • To delete an entry, click 'Delete'.
  • To forward an entry as an email attachment, click 'Forward'. The attached file is in vCalendar (.vcs) format, which is supported by Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Organizer, and other workgroup applications.
  • To start the timer and begin increasing the duration field, click 'Start Timer'.
  • To pause the timer and stop increasing the duration field, click 'Pause Timer'.
  • To assign a journal entry to a category, click the 'Categories' tab.
  • To add or edit categories, click the 'Categories' tab and then click 'Edit Categories'.

Journal » Organize Journal

This screen is allows you to change how your journal entries are displayed. Journal entries can be organized by category, entry view, or phone calls.

  • To change the way your entries are displayed, select your preferred method and click 'Organize'.

Journal » Find

This screen allows you to search your journal entries based on different criteria. You may use a simple search looking for journal entries that contain a particular word or a more advanced search with multiple criteria.

  • To search your journal entries, enter words to search for and/or a date range and click 'Find'.