The task list displays all your tasks. If you configure a Tasks per page limit, the buttons 'Next', 'Previous', 'First', and 'Last' will be displayed as appropriate to help you when browsing the listing.

  • To display a task, click on the name.
  • To delete a task, click on the Trash icon.
  • To create a new task, click on 'New Task'.
  • To mark a task as complete, select the checkbox next to the task name.
  • To search for tasks, click 'Find'.
  • To change the way your task list is displayed, click 'Organize'.

Tasks » New Task

This screen allows you to create and add tasks. To create a new task, enter the Title, Description, Date, and Time of the event. Optionally you may also click the 'Reminder' and 'Assignments' tabs to add more information.

  • In the Task tab you can enter or edit the Title, Description, Dates and Times, Category, Location, priority, percent complete, and status as well as other optional information.
  • In the Reminder tab you can choose whether or not you would like to be reminded prior to the task being due. You may choose from the reminder types that you have setup in the configuration pages.
  • In the Assignments tab you can assign the task to another person.
    • To assign the task, click 'Assign Task' and select a person from your address book by clicking the radio button next to their name, then click 'Assign Task'.
    • To remove an assignment, click 'Cancel Assignment' and the task will automatically be assigned to you.
  • To delete the task from your tasks list, click 'Delete'.

Tasks » Organize

This screen allows you to change how your tasks are displayed. Tasks can be organized by category and a variety of display styles.

  • To change the way your tasks are displayed, select your preferred method and click 'Organize'.

Tasks » Find

This screen allows you to search your tasks entries based on different criteria. You may use a simple search looking for tasks that contain a particular word or a more advanced search with multiple criteria.

  • To search your tasks, enter words to search for and/or a date range and click 'Find'.